Choosing the Perfect Laminate Floor Coloring for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is where you spend half of your day. Busy baking all sorts of desserts, delicious meals, and getting into the groove of holidays and family gatherings, it’s the heart of your home!

As the heart, it deserves a soul. With the right decoration and furnishings, you can breathe life into your kitchen and add personality to its interior. One of the ways to accomplish this is by opting for the perfect laminate flooring color!

Painting Your Kitchen Floor with Homely Hues

Don’t go for the classic look! Straying away from tradition a little can do wonders for your kitchen. Animate it in style.

When you walk into your living room, you expect to feel certain emotions. Whether it’s calmness or amazement, every room of your home deserves to have its own unique characteristics and charisma!

When choosing the laminate floor coloring, consider these tips:

Pick Something that Complements the Size and Lighting

choosing the laminate floor coloring tipsThe lighting and sizing determines the overall look of your kitchen. It will help highlight your kitchen’s best features, such as cabinets, countertops, and the texture of the floor.

When you’re choosing the color of the wood laminate flooring, make sure it complements the size and lighting because you don’t everything to look out of place. If you have yellow lights, make sure the color isn’t something bold or eccentric.

If it’s white, go for something that is unique, a little risqué, and can be easily seen in white light. As for the size, choose something that doesn’t look too bold if your kitchen is small. Something simple, yet elegant is the way to go.

Bigger kitchens look better with intricate and eccentric designs. So if your kitchen is big, go for colors that stand out in a positive way. An espresso walnut color looks gorgeous in a white-light, large kitchen setting.

On the other hand, a small kitchen with yellow lighting would do well with Waikiki.

 Create the Mood with the Right Texture

There isn’t a room in a house that can’t be personalized. Add personality to your kitchen and set the mood with the right ‘texture’. Choose a color and flooring option that speaks for itself.

The last thing you want is something dull, boring, and doesn’t do justice to your beautiful kitchen!

You can choose something natural or go for the panoramic look.

 Consider the Amount of Day-to-Day Traffic in Your Kitchen!

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then you’re aware of how kids love running around the house. If you’re a chef, think about your workforce and how much time you will be spending in your kitchen.

The amount of traffic you have in your kitchen on a day-to-day basis is the determining factor for choosing your floor coloring. You don’t want it to fade quickly. You want it to last a couple of years.

Make sure you choose something that doesn’t get affected by dust and footprints!

At I-Maxx Exchange Inc we offer exclusive and beautiful European style kitchen cabinets and laminate flooring, with high quality craftsmanship. If you’re looking for laminate flooring options that can add a powerful finishing and touch to your kitchen, then look no further!

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