How to Choose Topnotch Cabinetry for A Small Kitchen

Choosing cabinets for a kitchen is hard enough, let alone when dealing with a small space.

Kitchen cabinetry is all about style, practicality and functionality. The right cabinet can make or break your kitchen.

Choose Topnotch Cabinetry for A Small Kitchen

But just because you have a small kitchen, that doesn’t mean you cannot choose classy, yet functional cabinets.

Here are some practical tips for buying cabinets without making your kitchen feel cramped:

Size matters

This one is obvious. Before buying cabinetry, make sure you know the size of your kitchen. For a small space, you should go with small, lightweight, compact cabinets.

Big, heavy cabinets can overwhelm a small space. The furniture must seamlessly blend into your kitchen.

Go light

Dark cabinets can make your kitchen look smaller. On the other hand, lighter colors reflect natural light and will make your space appear brighter and more spacious.

cabinets for kitchen

Soft tones, especially white cabinets, are great for a small kitchen. Cozy, comfortable and inviting, white cabinets can complement all kitchen styles, including traditional, contemporary and modern.

Uniformity is key

Stick to the same color family. For example, if you want white cabinets then make sure all the cabinets are the same color.

However, some might find uniformity to be boring. In order to make things interesting, add a bit of color here and there in your kitchen. Paint the wall yellow, display your colorful dinner plates, and so on.

Get smart about storage

Storage can be tricky in a small kitchen. But, it doesn’t always have to be this way. You simply need to get smart about storage space.

Small cabinets mean you will be pressed for storage space. Install storage compartments and dividers in your cabinets to create extra space for storing your utensils.

Also, dividers and compartments make accessing the contents of your cabinet easier, helping you cook more efficiently and quickly.

Another useful tip is to purchase small, sleek kitchen appliances. Heavy appliances take up a lot of storage space.

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