How To Tell If Your Solid Wood Cabinets Are Real or Fake

Solid wood is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. With its distinctive appeal, solid wood cabinets are perfect for all kitchens, whether contemporary, modern or traditional.

Solid Wood Cabinets Are Real or Fake

Made out of different woods, cherry, oak, maple and walnut – among others – solid wood cabinets personify class and quality. The warm, stunning appearance of solid wood furniture never goes out style. Moreover, solid wood furniture is easy to maintain and can last for many years.

Even though solid wood cabinets are a great investment for your kitchen, you need to make sure you are not wasting your money in cheap imitation of solid wood.

Understanding ‘real’ solid wood  

Real solid wood refers to original, genuine wood cut from trees.  On the contrary, fake solid wood is manufactured wood that does not contain natural wood.

Identifying real solid wood cabinets

Here are some simple ways to tell apart cabinets made from real and fake solid wood:


Good quality solid wood furniture is heavy. It is much heavier than engineered solid wood.

Touch and feel the cabinet you are buying. If weights unnaturally light, it might not be real wood.

Real solid wood


The wood grain is a telltale sign of fake or real wood. If you see a defined pattern and you can feel the grain with your fingertips, it is made out of real solid wood. If the cabinet does not have any grains, it is counterfeit.


Do you see ornate or carved detailing on the cabinet? If yes then it is 100 percent authentic solid wood.


Another indication is that cabinets made from real solid wood are pricier than cabinets made from engineered wood. This is primarily because solid wood furniture can stand the test of time.


Finally, cabinets made from natural solid wood do not have a smooth finish. You will see imperfections on the wood surface as it’s a product of nature.

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